Game Services

Kobus Crous Senior Game Breeders is seen as the leading operator for game service operations in the entire Cape region and as far as the Free State. We buy and sell quality wildlife. We offer various wildlife-related services such as the safe capture, transportation and translocation of animals, game counting, net gunning, mass capture and darting. We also offer pilot training to interested individuals.

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A large number of animals can be captured in a short time with minimal physical handling of the animals. Kobus Crous and his team will make sure that the capture operation is successful and efficient in order to satisfy the client.

A helicopter over the coast

Net Gunning

Our professional team is highly experience in net gunning and will safely and effectively capture the target to satisfaction of the customer. It is vital that everyone works as one to make sure the capture is successful.



The safe capture, transport and release or introduction of species or habitats from one location to another. It is an effective management strategy and it decreases the risk of extinction by increasing the range of a species or establishing new populations. This improves the level of biodiversity in the ecosystem.



Experienced transporters are needed for the successful transportation of wild animals. The customer has a choice of a variety of vehicles, trailers and crates for the transportation of their animals. We consider every aspect of the transportation: species, male/female, distance, size & weather conditions to make sure the transportation is successful for both the owner and the animals.

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Darting / Chemical Capture

It is important that the pilot, veterinarian and recovery ground crew work as one to ensure the success of the capture. Kobus Crous and his team have an excellent history of successful darting operations. Darting from a helicopter requires the use of a highly experienced game capture pilot. He has to be able to anticipate the moves of the animal and needs to know if it prefers open field or wooded areas. It is no secret that Kobus Crous and his team of professionals are the leading game service operators.

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Game Capturing

The game capture services include herding and darting services. All our pilots have a great deal of experience with wildlife.

Game counting gives you an accurate update on breeding of herds and sex ratios. They have to be done once a year and the best time to do so will be in the winter months when there are less leaves on the trees/bushes. Counts become very accurate after the third yearly count. There are many ways to conduct game counts but the most efficient can only be done by air.